Private Air Strip

Just when you thought we couldn’t think of anything else, you find out we thought of a private air strip. 

Our selective guests can now have convenient access to our fine establishment. Now that is an amenity that cannot be beat!

Available for complimentary use by your private plane or charter aircraft, our 3,600-foot by 30-foot long paved air strip is located at longitude 111° 39’ 0” and 36° 49’ 0” N. It features a strip elevation of 3,700 feet. FAA LID L41, VFR only. The closest place to fuel up is in Page, AZ (approximately 10 miles to the Northeast). Tie down, landing fees apply.

Commercial air service to Page from Phoenix is offered through Scenic Airlines, an affiliate of Delta Airlines.

Need assistance? Call 1-800-726-1789